The royalty income I've developed with Oxyfresh has provided me with the peace of mind knowing our cars and mortgage are covered every month. I would need over $500,000 in asset value in the bank to earn that same income.

Tracy Butler, RDH
West Palm Beach, Florida

Just knowing my Oxyfresh check is coming every month is what I call peace of mind. It never skips a beat. It's like having my own personal 401k retirement plan.

Anne Duffy, RDH
Charlotte, North Carolina

I have lived entirely off the royalty income without needing to dip into my pension funds. And my wife, Barb, and I have been able to give our nine grandchildren a healthy start on funding their college educations.

Ron Scheele, DDS
Fort Wayne, Indiana

That's what is so amazing about this company you have a lifestyle of choice. The asset value of our Oxyfresh business is over $1 million and the best part is we get paid whether we are at home or vacationing halfway around the world!

Don Vollmer, DDS
Mary Lou Vollmer RDH
Castle Rock, Colorado

I always recommend Oxyfresh products. The cavity-fighting ability of the fluoride and the superior breath-freshening power of Oxygene give these products a powerful two-prong approach to optimum oral health.

Dennis Pezzolesi, DMD
Needham, Massachusetts

We have incorporated the Oxyfresh Dental Success System and the OxyCare 3000 hydromagnetic irrigator into our conservative periodontal program. Our patients enjoy the great taste and fresh breath. And the products (with no alcohol or dyes) help keep our patients' teeth their whitest. As a result, patient compliance is excellent resulting in a healthier smile.

Kimberly Nguyen, DDS
Fullerton, California

During the first few weeks of introducing Oxyfresh into the practice we tracked the progress of several patients who had ongoing periodontal challenges. They showed significant improvement and they loved the products!

Bill DiPietro, DMD
Boxford, Massachusetts

My Oxyfresh income allowed my to retire in my thirties and pursue dreams that would have otherwise been unfulfilled. I would need to have saved in the bank about $7 million to generate interest comparable to the level of income we've enjoyed for the past 16 years without fail month after month.

Joe Rubino, DMD
Boxford, Massachusetts

Oxyfresh offers an exceptional clinical program, as well as a powerful method for generating wealth and choices in life! Once I looked at the business plan, it was very clear that I could create a significant income with Oxyfresh on a part-time effort so it would not interfere with my dental practice.

Anthony Stefanou, DMD
New York City, NY

An Oxyfresh royalty income outperforms any real estate or stock investment. It is a sure thing. You are in complete control of it by working it as little or as much as you want, depending on what you want to earn.

Tom Ventullo, DMD
Smyra Beach, Florida 

When I started to use Oxyfresh products, I anticipated a general improvement in my patients' tissue health. I have been pleasantly surprised that the Dental Success System has improved my patients' dental health significantly.

Ron Zokol, DDS
Vancouver, British Columbia

Oxyfresh dental products deliver what the population is demanding: whiter teeth, fresher breath and healthier mouths. These exceptional products are so diversified that they can be customized to fit every person's dental needs.

Michelle Amiel, RDH
Boca Raton, Florida